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E² Studios
E² Studios
E² Studios
E² Studios
E² Studios
E² Studios
E² Studios
E² Studios

Body Art & Tattoo Studio in Las Vegas

E² Studios is the home studio of Angie Leaf, who has
been a professional body art practitioner for the past 20 years.  This private studio is not your typical tattoo studio.  If you have been looking for a "different kind" of tattoo studio where you can just be yourself and feel comfortable and at ease while getting your new work done, you have just found it.

At E² Studios, the concept of tattooing is viewed as
a sacred art form in which clients can be transformed by elevating their vibration through their own personal expression.  

Body art performed at our private studio promotes personal growth, healing, and a return to individual wholeness.  If this sounds like something you crave, welcome to your tribe!

E² Studios
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Ink Therapy, Anyone?

Whether you’re trying to overcome your grief with a memorial
tattoo, trying to minimize the look of some old scars, trying to coverup that bad decision you made in your youth, or trying to heal your soul by loving the way you feel in your skin again, at E² Studios, we are here to help.

Getting body work done by Angie Leaf is much more than
just skin deep. It is where body art becomes a
catalyst for facilitating evolution through growth and
personal healing.

E² Studios
E² Studios

Honoring Family Legacy and Heritage

At E² Studios, we believe that family is sacred.
We have worked with many families on their
legacy projects and we understand how challenging
it can be to meet the needs of all clients. So,
when your group is ready to get your family legacy
tattoo, contact us to schedule a consultation.
We have worked with countless first timers and
clients of all ages. Whether you're looking for a  
special artist to perform a rite of passage for
your young adult family member,
seeking to commemorate a new chapter of life, or
following in the footsteps of the ancestors by
tattooing a sacred talisman for protection or 
healing, contact us today to get your project started.

E² Studios

Meet the Artists

Angela Leaf

Owner of E2 and professional tattoo artist

healing (p)arts

healing (p)arts is a division on E² Studios where we provide service to those who have suffered from major health conditions (such as breast cancer), by using tattoo art to increase a person's self confidence.  We assist clients along their path of healing to wholeness.

If you think you could benefit from our service, please message us for more information.  We are here to answer any questions you may have about scar coverups, 3D areola tattoos, and much more.