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Initial 15 & 30 minute complimentary consultations will be done by Zoom or FaceTime for your convenience.

Important Details

Because we are a private studio, we ask that you arrive alone for your session. If you feel that bringing a companion is necessary, please discuss it with us in advance. Upon arrival, please contact us and then wait patiently in your vehicle until your scheduled time, when we will let you into the studio. We are a small space, and due to COVID -19, we respectfully request that you leave most of your items in your vehicle. Please arrive with a fully charged cell phone and your earbuds, wallet and payment method, and car keys.

Until further notice, we ask that you wear a mask at all times during your visit. Please eat before your scheduled visit. Food and drinks are not permitted in the studio except for bottled water. We kindly ask that you refrain from taking videos or using your cell phone for personal calls while in the studio. You are welcome to watch videos or play music on your phone during your procedure, but please bring your earbuds and/or keep the volume on mute. Please understand that according to the SNHD, children under the age of 14 are not permitted in any tattoo establishment with Clark County. Please leave your children at home.

E² Studios

Tattoos for Breast Cancer Survivors

HEALING (P)ARTS is a division of E² Studios where a tattoo is created, and as a result, a type of healing occurs that can only happen when a person feels whole and is able to reconnect with themselves. Ideal candidates for HEALING (P)ARTS are breast cancer survivors interested in tattooing 3D nipple and areola tattoos, clients interested in hair restoration,  and those seeking scar cover-ups. These are just a few of the possible types of clients. During her last 20 years in the body art industry, Angie has gained an immense amount of knowledge by working with different skin and scar tissue. Her decades of tattoo experience work to your benefit now.

She understands the pigment variations and color tones necessary to provide high-quality tattoo(s) that will look beautiful for years to come.

A few years ago, Ms. Leaf had her own medical complications that required her to have major surgery. After enduring a difficult path to recovery, she noticed how challenging it was to feel whole again and realized that through tattooing, she could help others heal by making them feel more like themselves again. As a result, HEALING (P)ARTS was born. Now, Ms. Leaf helps people who have suffered from major health complications discover their individual path to wholeness.


E² Studios
E² Studios

Meet the Artist

Angie Leaf began her life of art at a very early age by watching every Bob Ross episode that PBS would air. His show so inspired her that she started oil painting early on and hasn't stopped creating since. After earning her B.S. in Psychology and moving to Las Vegas, she began her body art career. She completed her apprenticeship at Golden Dragon Tattoo back in 2001, and she worked at several street shops before she opened her own custom tattoo studio in 2010. She called it Fallen Leaf Tattoos and Piercings. It was there that she created her art for thousands of Las Vegas locals and international clients until 2020, when she decided to step back, downsize, and realign her focus.

Angela Leaf has been a member of the APT (Alliance of Professional Tattooists) since 2011.

The APT is a body artist-led organization that encourages industry safety through education. Angie has also retained an excellent relationship with the SNHD during her years in the industry. She professionally upholds stringent standards of cleanliness to ensure her own safety and the safety of her clients and family. Ms. Leaf is also a member of INELDA (International End of Life Doula Association), an organization through which she received training to become an end of life doula. During this training, she realized her desire to assist others in their healing process. As an empath and a conduit for healing energy, Angie can connect with her clients in a way that is  unique when compared to other tattoo artists. She is an open-minded artist who creates high-quality body art in a comfortable setting while treating her clients with dignity and respect. The client's results are the increased confidence in themselves and an awakening of self, not to mention a new eye-catching piece of body art!!